Industrial Hemp Grants Scheme – successful recipients

Monday, 4 February 2019 – 8:18am

Congratulations to the following applicants who have been selected to be awarded a grants from the Industrial Hemp Grant Scheme (IHGS). The State Government will invest almost $300 000, with additional private investment, towards key projects to drive the growth of the Western Australian hemp industry.

The scope of these successful projects show the breadth of development potential of the Western Australian hemp industry – from exports to a local processing hub to food production. These grants will assist businesses to take advantage of major opportunities and overcome barriers to production, processing and marketing across the entire value chain, in-turn supporting development of a jobs-creating industry.

Table 1 Industrial Hemp Grants Scheme – successful recipients
Applicant Project title Project description Grant (ex co-contribution)
WA Hemp Growers’ Co-op Ltd Best Seed for Best Region This project will research which variety of hemp will grow best in which region across WA. Having good knowledge of seed varieties, how they grow, where they grow and what they yield, available to farmers will help support the industry and give WA farmers more confidence in their growing decisions. $80 000
J.M Blyth & M.J Blyth & R.S Blyth Manypeaks Southern Coastal Seed Hemp Cropping Trial The trial will monitor, record and report plant morphology and seed yields of moderate density early-maturing oilseed hemp varieties, with a particular focus on photoperiods and optimal sowing times. $37 627
Ridgeview Building Company Pty Ltd Hemp Processing Plant – Fibre and Hurd Development of the hemp industry in WA is being limited by the lack of processing facilities.

There is a growing market demand for industrial hemp products and farmers wanting to grow. This project will establish a hemp processing facility in regional WA that will support local growers to process hemp crops and create quality products for this growing industry.

$66 000
St Francis Pharma-

ceuticals Pty Ltd

Establishment of industry standards for production of certified WA hemp food product Hemp food products targeting international markets must meet legislative, manufacturing and market entry standards to access premium international markets. Key control points for product quality in the supply and manufacturing chain will be identified. Source certification analysis capability identifies secondary plant compounds valued in final product ensuring retention of these attributes in production. Quantification will influence industry breeding and propagation strategies. Certified chemistry by the Chemistry Centre provides assurance of final product attributes ensuring the product meets customer expectations and achieves best value. $76 000
Raintree Pearls & Perfumes Pty Ltd Product and export market development of bioactive flavour and fragrance compounds To select, grow and process industrial hemp for production of flavours for food and beverages and fragrances. $40 000

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