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Import 7.5 T certified seed.

Monday 23 September 2019

The WA Hemp Growers Co-op Successfully Import Seed 

The WA Hemp Growers’ Co-op, HempGro, for the second year in a row, have successfully imported 7.5T of certified industrial hemp seed. The French Co-op, Hemp-it, varieties will be sown this season as far as north of Kalbarri and south east as Esperance including the South West and the Great Southern.
The WA Hemp Growers’ Co-op, the first hemp co-operative in Australia, has been working towards seed importation all year aiming to help WA Farmers have a successful 2020 harvest. In 2018, close to 500 ha were sown in WA and of that 6 T was French seed varieties imported through the co-op.
The members of the co-op are looking towards an interesting season, with timely industrial hemp seed varieties arriving into the state. Gail Stubber, HempGro Executive Officer, and licenced hemp farmer said, early to mid-spring is the ideal time to sow the industrial hemp crop.

The best time to sow industrial hemp is when there is still a moisture profile in the soil, combined with gaining day light hours. It all helps to gain good germination,” she said.

The five seed varieties imported through HempGro have a high germination rate, come from a non-fumigation region in France and are certified as industrial hemp with less than 0.2% THC.
Industrial hemp responds to a well-drained soil with no waterlogging as compacted soils impact on root development and growth rate of the plant. Research field trials are being conducted by HempGro in partnership with DPIRD and will test the dry land cropping agronomy for the WA regions.
If you are a licenced hemp farmer and want to secure certified seed with a high germination rate for sowing this coming season please contact the WA Hemp Growers Co-operative by emailing [email protected]


Do you want to be part of this fledging industry?

How to farm hemp:

  • Obtain your licence to grow industrial hemp from DPIRD.
  • Develop a farm plan with a sowing schedule to maximise daylight hours.
  • Ensure the soil structure is favourable, well-draining with a neutral pH and a good balance of organic matter.
  • Access to water is favourable, dry-land cropping agronomy is being trialled in WA.





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